New Beginnings

Dear Reader, please forgive this childlike blog opening of our adventure together. I fear that I am almost as bad as Kitty learning how to use a computer to get to the dial-up internet on That 90’s Show! Let’s start a blog, okay, the internet recommends WordPress, okay, well ironic wedding theme, why not! And now I’m stuck in this best day of your life pictures and writing that has nothing to do with my personal direction of this blog. This too shall pass, is what they say so one baby step forward at a time, I’m a smart, capable woman that is capable of googling how-to and figure out the rest right?!

Meanwhile, I’m excited to share samples of short stories that are under development, financial findings to save you money, as well as brutal honesty of double digit years of marriage. In addition to those topics, I will share my experiences of working in healthcare, leaving to start a small business with my partner as well as parenting daughters and trying to remain sane. Promotion of spouse’s medicinal cannabis reviews on YouTube will sometimes occur, as well as fictional writing with adult situations, so I ask that all readers be 18 years of age or older. Speaking of which, insert his plug here:

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