AKA the About Me part. Welcome to Escaping Eden, my little piece of home in the vast internet. My inspiration for this blog came from years of marriage where life becomes sedentary. With the passion to find my passion, support from my loving partner of ….16 years?! I hate that moment when the math is more advanced than single digits and you have to actually calculate, how old am I this year? How many years have we been married now? Oh yeah, 16, sixteen years with this guy?! Holy cow! Ladies and gentlemen, this is the divorced guy I married at the tender age of 20, since we were engaged and I would get paid more being married thanks to the armed services of the United States of America!! However, this man is my best friend, that does drive me crazy from time to time, knows that I can be a prickly cactus from time to time but loves me anyway! He has helped me raise two beautiful girls, and is a pretty good dad, what more could I want? Well… a little passion, maybe romance, and sometimes space. Enter my favorite past time, reading fictional romance stories. He lovingly calls it my porn, and sometimes the smut I choose to read may just be that.

My plan to Escape Eden, the traditional man and wife marriage, missionary style loving-writing! My dear children, I hope that you never get to intimately know the lengths of which we’ve went through to put food on the table, and if you do let me be the first to say Lord I apologize. Please forgive me for I have sinned. I left my traditional job working as nursing assistant in healthcare, to help my husband launch his small business selling medical marijuana wax tools used to vape, also known as ‘dab tools’ which he originally created from deer antler. However, as that is a limited medium, we dabbled into resin epoxy molds. We had a couple months until his festival happened to sell our products so I considered our other financial options. It’s 2023, so you know we could make an OnlyFans page, make money doing something we’re sometimes doing anyway right? According to my research the average user takes months to make an average measly $150/month-with all those hours of filming, editing, uploading and promoting?! (Please note, I have nothing against people who choose to do that, I just know that I don’t have the body of 17 y.o. virgin anymore, and not sure anyone wants to pay money to see it unclothed) Nope that’s not going to generate any income right away, so that thought had been an idea for us to explore things we had yet to explore, that might be things I would enjoy writing about. Enter Brooke Baity, fictional romance author! Perhaps I need to work on the pen name. Anyway, I think to myself why not start a blog as this journaling outlet to share story updates with my fans and promote our business while I’m at it? At the very least I have something to look back on and laugh at how I struggled with coming to terms starting this business and letting everyone in my life in on the dirty little secret, we make and sell marijuana paraphernalia!

So now you know a little bit about me, back to the content, I know that’s what you really want to read!